About me :

I am Hamzeh Dokoohaki and  I was born on 1988 in SHIRAZ.IRAN. Nowadays I am a Msc student in Irrigation and drainage at Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) in ISFAHAN,IRAN.

Actually, I am expert in computer programming and I am really determined to expand this ability to my major. My thesis projects both in Bsc and Msc degree would demonstrate this fact, Also I have some other favorite research interests. By the way, a complete list of my skills is available in my CV section.

Educations :

MSc in Irrigation and Drainage, 2013, Isfahan Univ. Technol., Isfahan, Iran.

All theorical courses have been passed with 3.8 / 4 (17.5 /  20) GPA.

Title of MSc. Thesis:

 Development soil water module in CERES-Maize crop model using physically-based equations 

Under supervision of Dr.Mahdi Gheysari and DR.S.Farhad Mousavi

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BSc in Water Engineering, 2010, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

Title of Bsc. Project:

Designing and programming of the software for Land leveling

Under supervision of Dr.Ghaemi

Research Interests :

- Crop Modeling

- Soil Water Plant Relationship

- Deficit Irrigation

- Soil Physics

- Geographical Informations System (GIS)

- Specialized Programming in Water Engineering